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Back posture is good for your health

Lately, although I’m only in my early forties, I’ve been suffering from a lot of debilitating neck pain. I recently started physical therapy, and purchased some items that have helped provide some relief, along with working toward “healing” to avoid future pain.

My physical therapist explained to me how important your posture is. Sitting and standing with proper postural alignment will allow one to work more efficiently with less fatigue and strain on your body’s ligaments and muscles. Being aware of good posture is the first step to breaking old poor postural habits and reducing stress and strain on your spine … and then your neck.

Physical reasons for poor posture include:

  • Inflexible muscles that decrease range of motion (how far a joint can move in any direction). For example, overly tight, shortened hip muscles tug your upper body forward and disrupt your posture. Overly tight chest muscles can pull your shoulders forward.
  • Muscle strength affects balance in a number of ways. The “core muscles” of the back, side, pelvis, and buttocks form a sturdy central link between your upper and lower body. Weak core muscles encourage slumping, which tips your body forward and thus off balance. Strong lower leg muscles also help keep you steady when standing.

These are the items I’ve been using. Hopefully they might give you some relief as well.

EverRelief Cervical Neck Traction Device

Andego Back Posture Corrector for Women & Men

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Questions to Ask While Editing Your Manuscript

Questions to Ask While Editing Your Manuscript

Questions to Ask About Character Development

● Does every character have a strength?

● Does every character have a weakness?

● Have you properly arched all characters?

● Does the antagonist have motivation?

● Does the protagonist have motivation?

● Are there any unnecessary characters?

● Can you combine any two characters into one?

Questions to Ask About Scenes

● Does every scene move the story forward?

● How do the characters interact with the scene?

● Does the scene fit the genre?

● Does the scene fit the time period?

● Have you added too many details and weighed down the story?

Questions to Ask About Word Choices and Phrasing

● Have you chosen the right words to describe each scene?

● Have you eliminated weak words and phrasing?

● Have you cut out adverbs?

● Have you embraced active voice?

Questions to Ask About Plot, Pacing and Tension

● Is the plot engaging?

● Is the plot logical?

● Are all issues resolved?

● Does the plot make sense?

● Is there a hook?

● Is the plot focused?

● Are there surprises in the plot?

● Is the ending inevitable or in some way boring?

● Is there a climax?

● Is there a struggle? Is there tension?

● Have you addressed the conflict within each character?

● Have you identified how the characters struggle with each other?

Questions to Ask About Point of View

● Is the point of view clear throughout the story?

● Does the point of view shift around within a scene? A chapter?

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Good afternoon, followers! I hope your weekend is going well. The sun is finally shining here, so I’m happy.

Well, let’s get to the point of this blog post! Pinterest … do you have it? Use it? Most often, when I’m on Pinterest I fall into a time warp or something. I’m looking through all of these awesome pins, thinking, “I could totally do that!” or “Yeahhhh, I would never be able to do that … but I wish I could!”

What type of pins do you look for, or boards do you follow? Aside from books, I love craft boards and cooking boards.

Did you know There for You Editing is on Pinterest? Yes we are! We offer editing and writing advice, book quotes, and covers of some of the books we’ve edited. Each book is linked to buy links, so if you find one of interest, BOOM you have your next great read.

Come find us! We’re here! Our boards are:

Hope to see you on Pinterest!

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Conjure by Elizabeth Carris

You know those dreams that wake you with a smile, the ones that never seem to leave your mind or your body, those are my favorite.  They are especially fun when they are spawned from a memory.  Now the actual memory may not fit the pieces of the dream because in our dreams we can do whatever we want to whom ever we please and however hard we want to.  There are no boundaries, no limits, no stopping and the possibilities are in fact endless.  It’s like a candy land in your mind that is released by sleep.  A place where the ice cream stays cold and the bath water is always hot.  The candy never melts in your hand but for sure in your mouth and the soda always pops! Candy coated crushes from then and now come to life in the sensual play ground that is your fantastic phanstasmic  imagination.  Naughty nightmares leaving their impression on you while you go about your day licking your lips in thought and wait for the deed that comes at night.  A mental head trip that takes you so far from reality that you may never want to return.  That walk down memory lane that goes from a stroll to a run as   you chase down the beast that sparked your ignition.  Don’t let it go, make it finish the job.  You don’t want to wake up soaked in your delusion with nothing to remember.

The music of the night sung by those angels dressed like demons that slide into the back dark corners of your mind come into the light like spectacular specters ready to put you in a trance and you let them.  Their sweet melodies play on your skin and your lips as you suck on them like pieces of hard candy letting them drip down your body.  The halls of your fantasia are dim and steamy where you can hide but still be seen.  Followed, wanted, needed and hidden by the mirage that is this fairy land created in your slumber. It all just hurts too good to say no to, so it continues.  You see how much you can take.  You see how far you can go.  Stretching like elastic waiting for it to snap and if it does, you won’t mind the sting.

It’s turned into a full on flashback sprint now.  A flight of fantasy and imagination.  Grabbing and pushing and pulling and tugging and gripping and gridding through the unconsciousness of your raptured recognition.  Lust that will leave you lost in lip biting pornographic thought all damn day as you smile with appreciation of such retrospection.  It’s the way it moved, the way it breathed, the way it came to life and spun you around and slammed you into that wall of reflection.  How could you not pay it the proper attention?  And pay it do, over and over again.  On your knees, on your back, on your side and open wide with that money for the toll. With no regard to materiality you just let it all happen. It’s very likely you didn’t even have to force the fantasy at all.  It began, continued and ended all on it’s own.  All you had to do was simply slide on, hold on and enjoy the ride all the way to the end.  To the end scene with the cotton candy sunset holding hands walking back to reality still handcuffed to the palpable sticky substance left behind because you said to put it there.  No need to clean it up now, that’s what day dreaming in the shower is for.  Dirty delicious sugar coated creations used for beautiful distractions.  Plucked and devoured with a motivated appetite.  Drained, milked and used for the purpose of pleasure and fueled by the manic good girl gone bad.  The luscious lechery of the mind, it;such a savory place for satisfaction.  Please, watch your step, use both hands and don’t forget your tongue.

For more on Elizabeth Carris and her blog, visit Lollipopdaydreams


Why you should remove the phrase “I’m on a Diet” from you vocabulary by Patriel Dunford

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been asked the question: What’s the perfect diet? Or heard the words: “I just started this intense cleanse where I can’t eat ….” The truth is Dieting is a prehistoric concept that fitness “Guru’s” keep trying to re- invent. Let me ask you a question. Do you plan to never eat another cookie, piece of pizza, or bowl of ice cream again in your life?

No? Really? Ready for it?

Then why you completely eliminate them while you are trying to change your body composition?

The truth is every food has a place in your “diet” if you enjoy them. Now, don’t misunderstand me if you are an athlete training for a specific event such as a bodybuilding competition then yes, you should eliminate all the aforementioned foods. But, for the rest of us “normal” people changing the way you eat does not have to be a hard process. So now that you’ve thrown out all your juice cleanse books, and are sitting on the couch ready to dive into that pint of Ben and Jerry’s Tonight Dough let me get to the point. What is really important is portion control. As I said before every food has a place. If I asked you who do you think is healthier; the person who eats ice cream 5 days a week and has a salad once a week, or the person who has a salad 5 days a week and has ice cream once? Your answer would probably be person number 2. Now person number two isn’t completely avoiding ice cream, they are just eating it in the right PORTION. This is where we make the divide between people who are on a diet, and people who are working on making a lifestyle change. Even hearing of someone saying I’m on a diet makes you think of a cringe worthy scenario of someone stuffing broccoli down their throat sobbing looking at pictures of supermodels in bikini’s on Instagram. Whereas when someone says they’re working on their health it comes down to a more wholistic process that is enjoyable.

So what should you do next time you step on the scale and want to cut off a limb just to drop a few lbs? The answer is stop crash dieting and work on learning how to BALANCE your diet. There is no reason why you can’t look exactly how you want all year round without eliminating anything from your diet. If you follow the next three tips I am going to give, you will see progressive long lasting results in your body composition.

1) Focus on the 90/10 rule or the 95/5 rule-

If you are active and eat 90% good all week then i think its fair to say you’ve earned being 10% bad. To break this down into real numbers if you eat 21 meals during the week (three per day) then two meals a week should be “bad”. For those of

you who are busy and not as active the ratio would go to 95/5 which would mean you would get one “bad” meal per week.

2) Focus on What and How much you eat-

It’s obviously easier to overeat on pizza than it is to overeat on salad. So try and avoid eating large amounts of easily consumable foods. Things like pizza, nuts, candy, chips, and cookies are all easily consumable and high in calories. Try and replace easily consumable foods with things like Lean meats, vegetables, Greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and the like. Focus on foods that keep you full for a long time that are harder to overeat on. When you get home from work try and have food already prepared so that the bag of chips in the cupboard isn’t staring you down as much.

3) Don’t ever fully eliminate a food that you love-

Food is the flavor of life. Yes you can go cold turkey and cut out every “bad” food on the face of the planet but this will usually make any effort in being healthier harder than it needs to be. We are raised in a society that offers us all the food we love at any given point in the day. I could call and order a large pizza right now and it would be here on 15 minutes. Instead, focus on “earning” foods you like. If you eat good wholesome foods for 3 days straight, maybe stop after work and grab a slice of pizza (not a whole pizza just a slice). If you use this reward system i promise you two things. 1) you will feel better inside and out. 2) you will look better.

I want to close out this post with one more thought. Always, always eat for your goals. If your goals are to lose weight, eat a little smaller portions. If you are trying to maintain your weight and just be healthier focus on staying full and eating things you enjoy in the right amounts. But, always track your progress. Making a lifestyle change is not an easy process and it takes time to fully adjust to it. Keep working on making small changes each day and those changes will become habits. Those habits will become your lifestyle. And when you look back you will wonder, why did i ever try to diet?

For more info: Infinite Fitness

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Meet Author Lee Ryder!

The five people that I’d love to sit down to dinner with.
As a writer the list of people I’d like to sit down to dinner with is very long. However, I want to share with you my top five and why
they inspire me.

The first ones come from two of my favorite TV shows and the reason I’d love to sit down to dinner with them and pick their brains is
because they are in an industry where beautiful are adored and these folks are
all truly comfortable in their own skin.

Matthew Gray Gubler plays Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds.
He’s tall, he’s thin, and he plays a genius on TV. He has described his home as
living in a haunted tree house, he’s got a collection of kimonos,  and he paints nouveau artwork. Why is he on my list? It’s simple. This man embodies everything Hollywood is not. He is comfortable in his skin and has had a wildly successful run in his show.

Kirsten Vangsness, this beautiful
woman plays Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. Her character has ever changing
hairstyles and looks with big bulky jewelry and she carries it all off with a great big smile. I completely admire her because she is in an industry where size 0 is actually considered acceptable. Size 0 is not a size and people will
starve themselves to get there so the producers and directors are happy.

Pauly Perrette, this gorgeous
bombshell plays Abby on the award winning 
television show NCIS. Her character is quirky, intelligent, and has the coolest tattoos. She’s also loveable with a heart of gold!

Why are these 3 people important
to me? They are comfortable in their own skin, and they make it work for them (REALLY WELL) in a world that idolizes beauty (look at the newsstand the next time you pass it). We see it everywhere, the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated is one of the top selling magazines every year. Why? Because you
have beautiful women in bathing suits on every page.
I get on a soap box because the world needs to start seeing what’s inside people, instead of their outside. You can be a beautiful person outside, but if you’re ugly inside what does that
make you? I was overweight and not the best looking person in high school and I was ridiculed for it. I’m still very bitter about it, but I know now that I wouldn’t be the beautiful person today if I hadn’t seen the ugly side of

That’s the case in most high schools, and that’s what we should not be teaching our children. Matthew, Kirsten, and Pauley are positive role models people should look up to. These
are the people who are beautiful inside. (No I’m not saying the rest of the cast is ugly.) We need to look for the beauty inside people and that is so important to me. I’d love to sit down to dinner with them and see what their
world views are, how they kept their positivity to become the amazing people they are today. These three people inspire me.

These two other ladies are
connected as well. They worked together to help the world be a better place and
they died within months of each other.

Princess Diana is has been and always will be an icon for her style, for her beauty, for being a royal, but most importantly for the work she did in the world. She worked with charities
such as UNICEF and to ban land mines in war torn countries. She worked to make the world better for our children and people forget all these amazing things she did. Now her children William and Harry are doing the same thing and changing the face of the British Monarchy forever. They are breaking the rules,
Diana was a hands-on mom and that’s been passed down to her son William and
that’s an incredible thing.
She also worked with the children’s hospitals, AIDS hospitals, and the Arts. The arts are so important because they teach children math and science in a different way, like baking is
just chemistry you can eat and music teaches about resonance and sound.

Mother Theresa has always
fascinated me, her work with the poor in particular and trying in little ways
to make their lives better has always inspired me. In my own life I try to make
everyone’s better in the little ways. People forget that the little things count. Something she said once really intrigued me, did you know that Mother Theresa herself was not sure about the existence of a God. She called him The Absent One. She once said, “I am told God loves me–and yet the reality of darkness & coldness & emptiness is so great that nothing touches my soul.” Yet she had great faith and that pulled me through my own crisis of Faith when I lost my child. I would love to meet her and thank her for doing that for me. She was such an inspirational and amazing lady.

About the author:

Alden, NY Native and Amazon Best Selling award nominated author Lee Ryder knew she wanted to be an author very early on. From the time she began to read she knew and cherished the amazing worlds that could be brought to life in books.

She started writing in elementary school and never stopped. Her work was published in many small works throughout the year. Her writing blossomed in high school when she was published in the school literary magazine “Between The Lines.”

When she isn’t creating new worlds for her characters to live in she’s spending time with her family or crafting. She’s a firm believer in Random Acts of Kindness and spreading love in the world wherever she can.



You can find her here: 





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Why Total Body Programs Are Best For Beginners by Patriel Dunford

I’ve been in the fitness industry for about three and a half years now. Over that time I have tried several approaches with new clients. When I was a brand new trainer I trained all my clients exactly like I trained myself with a split routine. I’ve had clients follow the OPT model developed by NASM focusing on balance work, then progressing to strength, followed by hypertrophy, and ending with maximum strength and power. Now, all of these methods “worked” per se. Also let me preface this blog post by saying that you can achieve results training a myriad of ways. But, in my experience, total body training reigns supreme for new lifters.

There are several reasons why I feel the way I do about total body training being useful in the infancy of fitness journeys. The main reason is, when you’re a new lifter you don’t need a lot of volume to grow. Going from being sedentary, or even active in a cardio sense, to strength training provides a completely new stimulus for the body. When the body receives a new stimulus it reacts to overcome it. It does this by recruiting more motor units from the brain (strength) and enlarging existing muscle fibers (growth). When you’re new you really don’t need to put your body through the wringer to get insane results. Even doing 1-3 sets of an exercise 2-3 times a week will yield both strength and size gains. Will this work forever? No, but it’s definitely enough to get you through your first 3-12 months in the gym. Not needing a lot of volume leads me into my next point as to why total body training is the best for new lifters.

Your body simply can’t handle copious amounts of volume when you aren’t a seasoned lifter. The longer that you train, the more your body adapts to training. After a little while the volume or weight that got you results in the beginning will need to be increased to keep seeing results. But, that is because your body adapted to the volume. If I were to throw a high volume workout at my new clients that I use to build size they would leave the gym feeling awful, possibly get sick, and maybe never come back to training. When I have a new client and I make them perform a movement for their legs they usually complain to me about how sore they are for a week, sometimes more. Now imagine if I had thrown three workouts at them for that body part. You can probably guess that it would do more harm than good. Just enough volume to get better is all you should be aiming for, especially as a new lifter.

Excess volume will create unnecessary problems in everyday life as well. Too much volume can further trigger delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Have you ever gone to the gym for the first time in a long time, or even the first time ever and been sore for over a week? Yes, me too. It’s definitely not a good feeling. It basically makes the rest of your life harder for the next week. Now, total body training can alleviate this problem in a couple ways. One, it keeps the volume per body part per session lower which creates less muscle damage. As I said earlier in this post, the longer you train the more volume your body can handle, and also the quicker it can recover from it. When you are a seasoned lifter, you can handle 3-5 exercises per muscle per session and wake up the next day with little to no soreness. But, when you’re new your body has not adapted to recovering that quickly, so you will feel pretty sore for a few days even doing one exercise per body part. The second reason total body training helps with recovery is, when you return to the gym for your second or third session of the week your workout will bring blood to the whole body. Blood and movement help alleviate soreness and fix the initial muscle damage. This makes life a lot easier for the average person because they can get back to pain free normal activities quicker. Creating less damage and also aiding in recovery are two great benefits, but that’s not all that total body training can do.

Total body training will also help with adherence and success with a new workout plan. I’ve found this to be true for a few reasons. First off, when you’re new, working out is usually not the easiest thing. And I have found that if you can’t show people some kind of measurable success within the first few months, they will fall off the wagon. So, let’s say you’re following a split routine and you miss a workout one week. By the time you get around to training those body parts again it will have been two weeks. This creates a couple problems. One, you’re most likely going to get pretty sore again. Two, you will have a higher tendency to miss more workouts because in your mind you have already fallen off the plan. I know that sounds a little weird, but it’s true. I cant tell you the amount of times I have heard someone say, “Well I already ate bad today so I’ll just get back on track tomorrow” as they continue to consume excess calories and push themselves farther away from their goals. It’s the same with working out, “Well I missed a workout for the week, it’’s an off week, I’ll get back on track next week. Total body shifts the focus of I missed a workout, to I got two workouts in and hit each body part twice! This leads into why total body training helps with success. When you miss a workout no part of your body misses out on work for that week. And, let’s face it we miss workouts sometimes because we’re human. In my experience, total body training can really make or break someones workout routine, especially in the beginning.

Total body workouts can also save you a ton of time. A lot of people seek out personal trainers because their life got busy, they gained some weight, and now they need to learn how to lose it. But, theres one thing that doesn’t change in that equation, how busy someone is. I’ve seen first hand people who can barely make it to the gym for our sessions because they are so busy. Total body workouts can get you in and out of the gym in 30 minutes. One of the main reasons these type of workouts allow for this is everything can be turned in to a circuit or multiple circuits. Let’s say you’re doing 1 exercise per major body part. You would have to complete 8 exercises in a workout. For a normal style workout with rest in between each set this could take 40 minutes or more depending on how much you rest. However, when you complete everything in a circuit it cuts that time in half. This is effective with total body training because while you’re working one muscle the other muscles are resting and stretching out. So, if you complete a circuit of 4 exercises by the time you get back to exercise 1 that body part has almost fully if not fully recovered. Also, total body training condenses the number of sessions you need to train per week. You can train your whole body in one session. While I would not recommend training once per week consistently if you are really trying to change your body, once is still better than nothing. And on a side note even working out once per week does yield health and longevity benefits. On a split routine you would have to get to the gym 4 to 5 times per week, but when you training everything together you can get similar results in 3 days. Time is something we could all “use more of” and total body workouts can make that happen.

As a fitness professional it is my job to create effective workouts for my clients. Being effective can be judged on several factors like results, enjoyment, adherence, etc. In my experience total body training will always come out on top for newer lifters. As a side note, I also feel this is the best method of training when returning to lifting after a long break. Total body training can get you great results, help you save time, help with adherence, and overall just make things more simple. Imagine working out and only having to learn 6 moves in the gym instead of 30. If you’re a new lifter and just getting started I highly recommend you start with total body training. Even if you’re someone who is just into general fitness total body workouts can work wonders for you as well. Try it out, if you do it right I promise you wont be disappointed with your results.

For more info: Infinite Fitness